Effective on April 1, 2020, the Minimum Advertised Pricing for Lumin is being raised to $269.00. This product incurs a 25% tariff under the China/U.S. trade war. In an effort to support our dealers, 3B Medical absorbed this cost assuming that it was temporary. However, we are now at the one year mark since the tariff was imposed and regrettably have no choice but to pass this cost increase along to our customers.

This is a modest 8% increase to consumers, which parallels a smaller increase in dealer pricing. Effective on April 1st, MAP pricing will adjust as follows:

  • Lumin: MSRP $319.00 | MAP $269.00
  • Lumin Bullet (discontinued): MSRP $129.00 | MAP $99.00
  • Lumin Bundle (Lumin + Lumin Bullet (discontinued)): MSRP $448.00 | MAP $339.00

These changes represent a change in dealer pricing of $6.00, which is offset by a $20.00 increase in MAP pricing. All authorized resellers are also required to sign an updated Lumin Resellers Agreement (LRA). The updated form must be on file prior to placement of any orders after April 1, 2020.

Please ensure that any online advertising of Lumin is compliant with the revised MAP effective on April 1, 2020.

Winter Haven, Florida, March 22, 2018 – 3B Medical is pleased to announce closing on a deal for the exclusive global licensing and acquisition of VBOX, a
Minnesota research and development company. Through a decade of research and development, VBOX has amassed a number of patents for innovation in the portable oxygen product space, a billion dollar industry.

With this agreement, 3B Medical, Inc. gains exclusive global licensing of a large portfolio of intellectual property, consisting of 14 U.S. patents, 6 U.S. patents pending, and 8 foreign patents, along with the design and regulatory approvals for the world’s smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator.

“The agreement provides 3B Medical with a very quick ramp to market for the most technologically advanced wearable oxygen concentrator in the world. We are really excited by being able to finalize this deal because it positions 3B Medical as a global leader in the portable oxygen concentrator product space.” said Alex Lucio, CEO of 3B Medical.


About 3B:
3B Medical is a leader in the development; marketing and distribution of sleep devices for the treatment of sleep disordered breathing and oxygen therapy.

  • Settlement ends all existing claims between ResMed and BMC/3B Medical
  • BMC and 3B will pay royalties to ResMed
  • ResMed makes one-time payment to 3B to resolve Florida litigation

SAN DIEGO – January 21, 2017 – ResMed (NYSE:RMD), BMC (Beijing, China) and 3B Medical (Winter Haven, Florida) today announced they have agreed on a global settlement of all litigation between the parties. BMC and 3B will be permitted to sell their existing products in exchange for royalty payments to ResMed, and ResMed will make a one-time settlement payment to 3B to close the Florida litigation between the two parties. The settlement did not include an admission of liability or wrongdoing by any party.

The five year agreement between the three companies resolves all pending litigation before the U.S. International Trade Commission, lawsuits pending in district court in Florida and California, foreign litigation in China and Germany, and validity challenges pending in various patent offices around the world. “We are pleased to bring our litigation with BMC and 3B to a resolution and to have our intellectual property and patents recognized through this settlement,” said David Pendarvis, ResMed’s Global General Counsel. “For 28 years, ResMed has stood strong in its commitment to innovate and develop products and solutions that exceed the needs of our HME customers and the patients we serve together. This agreement allows us to continue the important work we are doing for the patients and providers who count on us to provide the best products for treating the world’s most serious respiratory conditions. And it allows us to avoid the distraction
and ongoing expense of continued litigation.”

“We are equally pleased to bring global litigation with ResMed to a resolution. The settlement allows 3B Medical to innovate and provide alternative solutions to the sleep disordered breathing marketplace,” said Alex Lucio, Executive Vice President of 3B Medical. “BMC continues to develop its own portfolio of intellectual property as one of the global manufacturers in the sleep disordered breathing market. We continue to fund research and development and bring new products to market. This agreement brings a very long battle with ResMed to a final conclusion and allows all of our companies to focus on developing great products to service the needs of our patients,” said James Xu, General Manager of BMC Medical.

About ResMed
ResMed (NYSE:RMD) changes lives with award-winning sleep devices and cutting-edge cloud-based software applications that better diagnose, treat and manage sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other chronic diseases. ResMed is a global leader in connected care, with more than 2 million patients remotely monitored every day. Our 5,000-strong team is committed to creating the world’s best tech-driven sleep device company – improving quality of life, reducing the impact of chronic disease, and saving healthcare costs in more than 100 countries.

About BMC Medical/3B
3B/BMC is a global leader in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of sleep devices for the diagnosis, treatment and management of sleep disordered breathing.

Lake Wales, FL March 5, 2015 – 3B Medical announces a major enhancement to its cloud based patient management portal, iCodeConnect, for sleep therapy compliance monitoring and interactive patient coaching.

Patient TouchPoint, a patient management and scheduling engine powered by CMB Solutions, is now integrated into iCodeConnect. “Our Patient TouchPoint is extremely powerful and allows DMEs to more efficiently utilize their resources; to work smarter, not harder, by easily identifying patients with potential compliance issues very early on”, said Joe Toth, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

3B’s Patient TouchPoint works seamlessly, within a set of rule based options that are able to be completely customized by the DME. “We use a combination of automated IVR (interactive voice recognition) calls, emails and text messages that, on the behalf of the DME, greet the patient and welcome them on-board on day 1. On day 3 we query the patient to find out how they are feeling. Any negative responses are routed directly to the DME’s designated employee responsible for the patient. On days 7, 30, and 60, we automatically upload compliance data. If any of the data from the uploads reflects a potential compliance issue, Patient TouchPoint directly notifies the appropriate person.

3B’s Patient TouchPoint also includes patient coaching. “Studies have shown that positive reinforcement with patient coaching dramatically increases patient compliance. The power of this system is that it can be uniquely customized for each patient or situation and is fully automated. It allows the DME to use its valuable, limited resources on the patients that need it most. Best of all, it is entirely free.” said Toth.

About BMC Medical/3B
3B/BMC is a global leader in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of sleep devices for the diagnosis, treatment and management of sleep disordered breathing.

Lake Wales, FL Aug 22, 2014- An Administrative Law Judge issued an initial decision in the ResMed action in the ITC. 3B/BMC successfully invalidated one of ResMed’s patents covering masks, and successfully defended against 3 out of 4 claims of ResMed’s patent covering the humidifier on the sleep devices. 3B/BMC is preparing to petition the Commission to invalidate the remaining claim to clear 3B/BMC’s sleep device from future implications.

3B/BMC is prepared for either outcome at the Commission. Engineers have already redesigned products to satisfy the decision. 3B/BMC will immediately move the redesigns into production and inventory to insure that there are no commercial disruptions to supply and to continue to bring unparalleled value to the sleep therapy product space.

About BMC Medical/3B
3B/BMC is a global leader in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of sleep devices for the diagnosis, treatment and management of sleep disordered breathing.