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Lake Wales, FL March 5, 2015 – 3B Medical announces a major enhancement to its cloud based patient management portal, iCodeConnect, for sleep therapy compliance monitoring and interactive patient coaching.

Patient TouchPoint, a patient management and scheduling engine powered by CMB Solutions, is now integrated into iCodeConnect. “Our Patient TouchPoint is extremely powerful and allows DMEs to more efficiently utilize their resources; to work smarter, not harder, by easily identifying patients with potential compliance issues very early on”, said Joe Toth, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

3B’s Patient TouchPoint works seamlessly, within a set of rule based options that are able to be completely customized by the DME. “We use a combination of automated IVR (interactive voice recognition) calls, emails and text messages that, on the behalf of the DME, greet the patient and welcome them on-board on day 1. On day 3 we query the patient to find out how they are feeling. Any negative responses are routed directly to the DME’s designated employee responsible for the patient. On days 7, 30, and 60, we automatically upload compliance data. If any of the data from the uploads reflects a potential compliance issue, Patient TouchPoint directly notifies the appropriate person.

3B’s Patient TouchPoint also includes patient coaching. “Studies have shown that positive reinforcement with patient coaching dramatically increases patient compliance. The power of this system is that it can be uniquely customized for each patient or situation and is fully automated. It allows the DME to use its valuable, limited resources on the patients that need it most. Best of all, it is entirely free.” said Toth.

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